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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  January 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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seven-point from last fall. the president's executive actions today have spark reactions from those, both for and against, so among those speaking out grandparents of the child killed in the sandy hook shooting in connecticut. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos joins with us that story, greg. >> reporter: good afternoon, ukee. the the the president called for that sense of urgency to help end gun violence, calling for changes to how people here in pennsylvania, can purchase guns, not only here in our state, of course but throughout the rest of the u.s. during ane motional speech which lasted 40 minutes, the the the president calling for changes that will occur in the form of executive actions. those changes included expanded background checks during all gun sales including those at gun shows and on the internet, beefing up enforcement of gun laws, already on the books, up proving care for mentally ill and focusing on gun safety technology. this is an afternoon like you mentioned ukee we spoke to
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carmen whose grandson was kill in the 2012 sandy hook master and jim baywa a federal licensed firearms dealer. both had very different account about what they thought of the president's action. >> the only thing that i saw today is, that we are including all gun sellers. to me it is not a big deal. >> the laws already exist. you know, you want to be careful here but it is, to me just rhetoric. >> these laws already exist. >> reporter: tonight at 6:00 you'll hear more about what exactly these new executive order and these new changes mean for gun owners here in pennsylvania. we're live, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. investigators are working to pinpoint the cause behind a fire in one of the philadelphia a's oldest public golf courses. it happened late last night at cobbs creek golf club on cardington road are. flames destroyed the clubhouse but spared two other properties nearby. officials say that they have battled american below
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freezing temperatures to get that fire under control, there were some supply issues, at first. >> upper darby responded from their end and come off of their systems and supplement us and it work out very well and we were able to keep it contained to that building. >> reporter: no injuries were reported. those fire fighters battled cold, freezing water as they work in cobbs creek, coldest air we have seen since last winter. it that is see your breath cold, you need full gear, coat, gloves, hat, everything. cbs-3 cameras caught up with people bundled up on drexel university's campus and kate bilo is bundled up outside on the sky deck with a look at your first forecast, kate. >> jessica, if news about this cold right now is it is less harsh then yesterday. a at this time we were at the a the same temperature but the wind were so much stronger yesterday, leading to those wick wind chills. tonight the wind not as much of a factor, however cold is still dangerous, for anybody that has to be outside, code blues have been issued across
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the region owe check on anybody you know that need help and bring those pets inside as well. let look at storm scan 3a whole lot of nothing, high pressure is overhead, big cold high, that has been drawing in this very, very cold arctic air for eastern canada dragging it south but it is dry. we are not talking about snow or ice in the forecast. temperatures right new about 31 degrees at the airport. below average for sure. twenty-six in wilmington. twenty-five in atlantic city. twenty-two in mount pocono. definitely better than last night at this time and better will be the dominant word in the the forecast. here's something else to look at. notice wind chill values still running below thermometer value but not bias big of a margin a as last night. while in the lower 30's in philadelphia a it feels like 25, still very cold but not talking about single digit wind chills tonight like we were yesterday. what to expect? overnight, frigid again but less wind, that is key this time of the year. for your wednesday another cold morning. get those cars started early, bundle up kid even if you
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don't want them. my kid fight me with the hats, gloves, scarves they need it early tomorrow morning but in the afternoon more seasonal as temperatures head back to where they should be for this time of the year. then we're talking about above average temperatures through the seven day forecast and the chance for a storm but will it be snow or rain? i will have details coming up when i join you inside, back over to you. >> thank you, kate. philadelphia has a new top cop and city didn't to have look far to find him. commissioner richard ross was sworn in at central will high school in olney this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter joins us live where the new commissioner was ready to execute his plans for the the the city. >> reporter: ukee, and, and, new commissioner richard just moving in as a result of the deputy commissioner here a few feet down the hall way from the commissioner's office but for ross in terms of his professional career, it is the move, of a lifetime police
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commissioner richard ross led central high school students with their school song, inside of the auditorium of his alma matter, moments after taking the the oath to leave philadelphia's police department. >> i will discharge duties of my office with fidelity. >> congratulations. >> thank you.. >> first and fur mess turf thank my lord and savior. >> reporter: ross, a 26 year veteran and cities 30th commissioner will command a force of 6600, expressed his gratitude, looking into the the eyes of his parent and two children, watching from the front row. >> you are the greatest. you are the greatest. >> what was in your heart when you saw him put his hand there and say the words. >> i wanted to cry. >> originally, my chest measured 42, but now it sticks out to a 60. because i stick my chest out, and i'm very proud of him.
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>> i'm very proud of him. i'm proud of him accomplishing this. >> reporter: while student presented the new commissioner with special presents, the the real gift that they explained was actually given by ross who returned to his school to show the students that with hard work, anything you dream can be accomplished. >> it brings a sense of like what i have as a special student can achieve in the future now to see him and how much he has accomplished, it makes us feel like we can do the the same thing, you know. >> reporter: but the the new commissioner while praising his force, also says that big changes are coming. you'll hear from him and new mayor when we join you a at 6:00. live from police headquarters, walt hunter, cbs-3 eyewitness naus. >> conn the great eulogieses commissioner ross, thank you. "eyewitness news" at montgomery county courthouse in norristown for another swearing in ceremony risa vet try furhman became county a's new common pleas judge.
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she did not seek a third term as district attorney to run for county clerk judgeship she won one of three seats in november and will survey ten year term. attorneys for bill cosby's wife camille are asking a federal judge to postpone her testimony, tomorrow in a defamation lawsuit filed against her husband. the requested delay comes after a federal why denied a motion on new years eve to throw out a subpoena requiring camille's testimony. the defamation case involves seven women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. bill cosby has denied those allegations. young boy is reunited with his family after being kidnaped inside a stolen car. police are hoping that just released surveillance video will help in the search for carjacker. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao has details now from northeast philadelphia. >> reporter: overwhelming relief, as philadelphia police rescued a kidnaped six year-old child. "eyewitness news" at a frankford convenient store tuesday morning, to capture a
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mother and son's heartfelt em brace tears, lot of emotion but they were really really happy. >> reporter: just about an hour before, police say little boy was inadvertently taken, the the ordeal started around 2:30 at 7-eleven on bridge street a and oxford avenue. police say the child's 30 year-old stepfather went inside and left the child sleeping in the back seat with the car still running. that is when police say another man got into the car and took off with the child still inside. fortunate thely, police found that car and the child in about 30 minutes, spotted on the 4300 block of leiper street about a mile a away from the 7-eleven. >> it had a spoiler in the the rear, it had tinted windows, it had dark mag wheels. so fortunate thely it had a unique description. >> reporter: the six year-old was still asleep in the back seat unharmed. police say he slept through everything. >> fortunately the vehicle was still running when police found it because it is really cold out here. >> reporter: police thankful that the child didn't wake up
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and wasn't frightening because the the boy has asthma and didn't have his inhaler. fear this is mom won't soon forget. northeast detectives are now trying to track down this suspect. they are dusting that car for prints and looking for dna evidence, they say when the the suspect is caught he will be auto theft and kidnapping charges. in northeast philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". coming up for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 5:00 caught on camera pedestrians buried in seconds when huge chunks of snow and ice fall off a roof. plus this. a south jersey school told to stop saying god bless america after reciting a a pledge. i'm cleve bryan what will happen to students and staff if they keep saying it. a a unique treatment protocol is just unveiled to prevent concussionness youth sports, health reporter stephanie stahl has information parents will really need to hear, up next.
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avalanche of snow shocks people walking on a crowded street in turkey as it slid off the roof of the mosque. that snow buried two women and surveillance video shows people using their bear hand to dig them out the from that snow. women were taken to the
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hospital and are expect to be owe a. freezing rain, causes united airline jet to slide off an icy taxiway. it happened around 6:00 a.m. in spokane, washington. plane was getting ready to take off for denver when front wheels slid off that taxiway. there were 166 passengers on board and no one was injury. scare moments for a three-year old girl in new mexico after she gets kidnaped inside her mom's car being stolen. >> are you okay? come here. come here. come here. i necessity. >> you a hear with the happy ending for young girl after office are found perfect sitting on a curb. police are still looking for the suspect. her mom was refilling water next to the car when criminals jumped in and took off. >> well, this is a horrible, horrible act. we had a great outcome with little caroline being found. happy ending is there. only thing can make it better would be to get this guy in handcuffs. >> little girl was unharmed
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and home safe now. police only have this grain i surveillance picture of the suspect but they are hoping dna evidence and the public can help them, find the man. on the cbs-3 healthwatch with an increased focus on monitoring, and preventing concussionness youth sports some health professionals are pushing for a federal mandate on reporting sports injuries. >> health reporter stephanie stahl joins with us more on that. >> reporter: big issue and we are hearing about concussions these days. advocates warn very few states have injury reporting mechanismness place. now a team of doctors and industry experts wants to change how kid are protect, nationwide. charlie suffered from a number of concussions, that why former ncaa football player and youth coach wants to help the next generation of athletes. >> am i going to have as many as i need to. >> reporter: he has developed a web based system called injure free which reports concussion symptoms the moment that they happen on the feel. the it is then sent electronically to a medical professional for follow-up.
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>> we're able to create a standard level of care for all children. >> reporter: are it the is part of the half million-dollar concussion prevention program being rolled out in the nation's capitol not only to increase reporting but provide awareness, training to students, parents, coaches. some states have passed a concussion reporting law but so far congress has not create i a national registry to taylor treatment and prevention. >> it is about priorities and about funding. >> we don't have time, ever to wait for a youngster to be injured. >> reporter: doctor michael yogelson of med star hospital say information need to be reported immediately every time a child takes a hit the to the hit. >> you also want to understand how you prevent the chronic long term effects and save lives this gives you peace of mind. >> centers for disease control says more than 170,000 children are treated in emergency rooms each year for sports or recreation-related traumatic brain injuries and that includes concussions.
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the it is important to remember you don't always have symptoms, when you hit your head you need to pay attention to these kind of things. >> you need to talk to somebody about it good exactly. >> scientists a the new york university say minor flu strains pack a bigger punch then previously thought. they examine flu virus samples from an international pandemic and what they have discovered is lesser strains are a able to get around vaccines which target the the more dominant flu strains, and spread further in ways in the realized before. kate joins with us our forecast. i saw a couple young kidding to go school with their hoods up and shoulders up. you know when shoulders are up, it is coal. >> i a had my kid wear thermal underwear today but i cannot tell them it is thermal underwear i tell them it is a bat suit under their clothes. they are prepared. you tell them it is a super hero bat suit to ward off the cold, it works. >> i like that. >> yes, clever mom. >> you may want to do that tomorrow as well.m. definitely throw on layers,
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pile on extra socks, scarves, gloves, bat suits, whatever you got because another cold night lies ahead and another cold start to the morning. good news is temperatures are on their way up through the end of the week. lets take a look outside and go out to a beautiful shot currently at palmyra cove nature park where it is 29 degrees but only on a cold crisp winter day thaw will get that bright blue skies that we had today. maybe i'm's crazy but cold this a afternoon felt invigorating because wind died down. it was a nice crisp cold day. beautiful sunny day. tonight a gorgeous sunset. sunset was prettier a half an hour ago i posted a picture on my twitter feed, to see that big sun behind the sky line there 29 degrees at palmyra cove nature park. quiet. quiet on storm scan three as well. high pressure overhead starting to move east. what happens on the western side of the high is when you start to warm up, today we're the on the eastern side, large area have of high pressure. i will show you this in a moment. it had has been dragging this
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arctic air down in can inadequacies and depositing it overhead. the as that high moves further east, we will get into the the western flange of that high which draws air from the south, and eventually starts to warm things up, and, 31 degrees, 28 in trenton. twenty-eight in allentown. twenty-six wilmington and millville. janice coldest in of the year typically in philadelphia these numbers are not actually that far below average. today was further below average we have seen in quite sometime. we started off month above normal. yesterday 7 degrees below average. today first time in a long time double digits, below average. so yesterday first day below average we have had since november 24th. that means 42 days we were above average in a row, until yesterday, the streak has been broken. it looks like today below average once again. but then starts to rise through end of the week. future feels like temperatures here's good news this morning felt like single digits sub zero at times.
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tomorrow morgue it will feel close tore what the thermometer will say, teens and single digits in the northern lehigh valley and poconos. is there that big high. watch it pushing east. we will see warmer air move from the south and west. feel southwest wind tomorrow to help temperatures rise. our next weather maker not until late friday or saturday when this storm moves in but brings with it a lot of warmth from the south and west. temperatures rise as we head toward weekend but that brings us our next chance for some rain. it does look like it stays all rain though. overnight clear skies, 15 degrees but wind are light, mostly sunny for your wednesday, in the as cold, high right around 40. the southeasterly wind feeling nice compared with the wind we felt yesterday and last night. eyewitness weather three day forecast tomorrow 40 degrees, that is seasonal for early january. we jump up another 5 degrees on thursday, up to 45 with the mix of sun and clouds. friday starts with some sun and then we will get near 50 in the afternoon and friday night into saturday brings a chance of the couple of showers and it could end up
5:20 pm
being a wet weekend, at least had half of the weekend looks messy. i will tell but that next half an hour. >> between us chickens i have got my bat suit on right now. >> i figured, yes. >> let's just keep that right here. it is warm in the studio too. >> yes. >> well, still a head on "eyewitness news" family gets quite a shock when they get a phone bill for over $2,000. >> big bill was because of the new feature on apple iphone you may not ab wear of. consumer reporter jim donovan has a problem. he fridays here, fan of the eagles and he understands your pain, what sean mcdermott is saying about the the possibility of the coaching the birds, that is next in
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coordinator for chicago bears. eagles have talk to three guys about their head coaching vacancy but one guy they have not reached out too yet is sean mcdermott the defensive coordinator of the carolina panthers. he is home grown, graduated from lasalle college high in 199 36789 he joined eagles in 1998. he became defensive coordinator in 2009. he eventually got fired, but he found his way in carolina today he talk to the 97.5 fanatic about the the possibility of coming home. >> but we're always interested. i love the philadelphia area. quite honestly it has been tough to watch the last several years, having grown up in the area and work there for 12 years, you know, the fan base, i know it is important to them. they are genuine, dedicated and they are real. facilities up there are second to none. so, you know, i would love to see eagles recapture the magic so to speak. >> stay tuned. >> flyers captain claude giroux says we need to find
5:25 pm
chemistry as soon as possible, hopefully that happens tonight. orange and black will try to snap their three game losing streak when they host montreal. we will show you something that happened in the black hawks/senators game last night. this is intermission. the that is u.s.a. women's hockey goalie alex rigby. she is goalie. but she has game. you would expect that from, an olympian but look at the distance. look at ease. >> like it is nothing. >> it is skill, man. >> skill. >> with a z. >> could do you that if you tried it a a hundred time. >> i'm slipping on the regular. >> this one right here has game. >> wide right. >> way too much. >> thanks for believing in me, don. coming up next on "eyewitness news" a tradition of saying god bless america after the pledge of allegiance at a new jersey school could soon be a thing of the past. we are live with new development as the american civil liberty union deems it
5:26 pm
unconstitutional. also the leader of the armed group of protesters occupying government bill nothing oregon respond to allegations of hypocrisy, hear new demands. new at 6:00 pennsylvania ballet fighting back on facebook and how they responded to a post they did not like and how it has something to do with your philadelphia eagles difficulties a appointing as anwhy sometimes i'm justson, too busy to cook dinner. so, i just pick up kfc's twenty dollar family fill up with eight pieces of delicious, original recipe chicken. it's finger lickin' good.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. parents, outraged as tradition that began after september 11th attacks is coming to an end, at the a local school. "eyewitness news", and, i'm ukee washington. students at camden county can no longer say god bless america after reciting the pledge of allegiance. cleve bryan is in haddon heights right now with the the emotion aal reaction to the
5:30 pm
controversy, cleve? >> reporter: many parents are wondering is what the harm in having kid say god bless america, after the pledge. they want their kid to keep saying it. >> as a parent, my daughter will keep saying it. >> reporter: if some parents have their way the tradition of saying god bless america have after the pledge, will not be going away anytime soon at glenn view elementary school. >> it is not religious. they are not preaching god but patriotic and successful. >> reporter: saying god mess america following pledge began shortly after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. school officials say it was never mandatory. >> as young are students, heard older students say it they just picked up on that tradition and it has continue. >> reporter: fear of an expensive lawsuit led school officialness haddon heights to end the tradition. on december 30th, a new jersey chapter of the american civil liberties union sent the district a letter saying reciting the phrase is unconstitutional and practice thereby makes it harder for
5:31 pm
non-religious parents to raise their children as they see fit. >> is there nothing forced on my child to say anything, and i think that the fact that the aclu has done this is ridiculous. >> reporter: at glenn view only a few feet of asphalt physically separate church and state. the pastor mark savage from joy fellowship across the the street say while parents feel this is an attack honorary ledge us expression it is an opportunity for parents to talk to children about their beliefs. >> our focus is to train up our kid to love jesus and make decisions that are godly and biblal. >> reporter: from the practical standpoint school district officials say only change that is teachers aren't supposed to encourage saying god bless america after the pledge. >> if a staff member, student, if they choose to say it, and there is no repercussions. >> reporter: on days when it is not freezing, students actually said the pledge outside. some parents said on social media they will stick around and say god bless america with the kid. in haddon height i'm cleve
5:32 pm
bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks for that. >> law enforcement the is monitoring armed occupation of the oregon wild life refuge and a anti government group of ranchers is protesting the sentence of the the father a and son for setting fires on federal land. the group is calling themselves citizens for constitutional freedom. they are demanding an inquiry in to wine ranchers dwight and steven hammond who were ordered back to prison for setting fires on federal land after they already served prison time. >> terrorism is when someone is putting extreme fear to control them. true fear has been put in extreme fear to control them. how has it not been the hammond family. >> reporter: leader on have the the group says he had has no intention of using force upon anyone but that members of the group will defend themselves if necessary. mother of the so-called affluent teen is expect to be returned to text nast two weeks. tanya couch waved her right to extradition in a hearing this morning. she was deported there from
5:33 pm
mexico last week. authorities say ethan couch a and his mother fled to the country weeks ago as texas prosecutors investigated whether he violated his probation. ethan remains in mexico, extradition for his mother is set for january 19th. the race for the white house is heating up, as candidates crisscross iowa, and new hampshire for support. in both states, politics is built into the culture but what happens when a family is split between party lines? correspondent weijia jiang has their story. >> reporter: at smith home in bone, new hampshire, politics is always on the the menu. >> he is not going to owe anyone anything. >> let's talk about obama for a second. >> reporter: this married couple often bickers over breakfast. >> i'm's a republican. >> i'm a a democrat. >> reporter: you are already laughing. >> yes. >> that is a all we can do. >> reporter: because marlene is local chair of the donald trump campaign and mark says
5:34 pm
he bleeds blue for hillary clinton. >> there is a lot of debating and there is a a lot of tension. >> reporter: mark says if his state there is pressure to follow presidential races, voters here cast the first primary ballots after the the iowa caucus, politics is part of the culture, even though new hampshire selects only a few delegates. >> from the the lawns, to the tv, sometimes commercials play twice. >> reporter: smith kid say they have also learned about diplomacy. >> don't let politics get the in the way of who you love. >> that ace good life lesson. >> what it boils down to is you don't necessarily have to a agree with the other persons opinion, you just have to respect their right to have it. >> reporter: word that the smith's live by, after 15 years of marriage. the house motto. >> there has got to be a happy medium. >> reporter: agree to disagree. it doesn't get more politically correct then that. weijia jiang for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the the new hampshire
5:35 pm
primary happens february 9th about a week after the iowa caucus us. u.s. service member is killed and two others injured while fighting in southern afghanistan today. u.s. officials say there were special operations troops fight ago begins taliban near the city where the taliban has made reese even gains. at the moment in other details about the battle have been provided and the names have not yet been released. surprising details on the chief suspect in the latest isis execution video. he is believed to be the british father of four who reportedly sold bouncey castles. he was arrested on 2014 on suspicion of encouraging terrorism but there was not enough evidence to hold him. authorities are using voice samples to prove dar is the man behind the mask. twenty air men with the delaware air national guard who served overseas are back home tonight. they have received hugs, kisses from loved ones after their plane landed in new castle and some kid held up the signs saying, there they are, welcoming home dad. looking good there.
5:36 pm
members of the 166th operations squadron says it is a great feeling to be home again. >> just big warm fuzzies, just a happy glow, yeah, it is good to be back. it feels good. >> reporter: air men return a after a 60 day deployment in southwest asia. >> big warm and fussy isn't that great. still to come on "eyewitness news" it is a new way to keep your teen there texting and driving. a cool new feature on iphones could lead to a huge bill. one family was shock when they were charged $2,000. consumer reporter jim donovan is on your side with the warning. triplets aren't necessarily anything out of the ordinary, but there is something extremely rare about these adorable sisters, we will have their story coming up, kate? another frigid night underway but then big swings as temperatures head upward into the weekend, i'll tell you when your next chance for rain moves in all coming up when we come right back.
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now with more icing. one sells for hundred thousand dollars at auction, yes, that is one fish, japanese sushi chain paid $117,000 for a 441-pound blue finned tune, that works out to be about $265 a pound. blue fin tune air endangered due to over fishing and it was sold at the last new year auction at a historic fish market that would be torn down this greek. >> you should have seen the one that got the away. consumer elect i can show has tech geeks eag her for a lot at future while the extravaganza kicks off tomorrow in las vegas. more than 2,000 companies will be showing off their latest tech gear, and experts say, that much of it will soon be more affordable. they predict global tech
5:41 pm
spending will likely fall, as prices on smart phones, tv's and even drones, continue to drop. well, one company is jumping the the gun and giving a a look at what it will show off, in this weeks show. check this out. it is a four door touch screen smart fridge from samsung. it the is equipped with internet connected cameras that show off the interior of the fridge without opening up the door. there is no price tag yet but models with smaller touch screens go for more than $3,500. speaking of gadgets a 20 year-old has justin vented a device that could help save a life. it is call the smart wheel and intended to stop texting while driving. pressure sensitive pad the wheel detects how the driver hold it and if both hand are not on the wheel. invention has already become a consumer electronic show 2016 innovation award honorary. >> wow. >> how about that. >> yeah. >> great mind. >> very good. >> young mine. >> young mind. >> yes. >> w
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texas couple welcomes home their rare identical triplets after a month in the hospital. three girls which doctors say are one in a million were born premature december 1st but only went home today after being closely watched by doctors. their mom says all three sisters are already in step
5:45 pm
and she and her husband are using special techniques to tell them apart. >> they sit there and they make the same noises, they dot same thing. >> yes. >> we got ankleet bracelets and color coordinate them and hopefully they don't get mixed up. >> they will be fine. >> the babies were born within one minute of each other, each weighing about 3-pound. >> how about that. >> a ahh, look at them. get a nice warm feeling looking at that. >> yes. >> they are in for a fun life. >> my goodness. >> we need all of the warm feelings you can get. >> that will make you feel warm and fuzzy. plus thermal underwear some of us are wearing. >> hate to bring up that again good night to do it if you want to be outside, layer up, it is coldest air since last winter and in the letting up much. wind has died down. that is one good thing, wind that we had last night making it feel like the teens this time of the night. by ten it felt like inning suggest will digits.
5:46 pm
by 11:00 o'clock last night it felt sub zero in philadelphia. it is not quite that bad tonight because wind is not a as much of a factor. taking a look at outside right now you can see a beautiful shot on the roof cam, great sunset out there tonight, not a cloud in the sky, that beautiful winter blue sky, air is just so dry, due points are so low you don't get cloud in this kind of a pattern. the beautiful day to look at inside somewhere warm and bundled up and that is same story for tonight. definitely need heavy artillery as far as winter gear is concerned but it is not as bad as it could be, last year, tomorrow's date last year we were in the 20's and we were there for three days in a row. today's high 32. it was colder last winter then anything we felt today. certainly today was a shock to the system after warm december we had. center city looking good. storm scan three, in problems. we will zoom in, you cannot see a cloud in the sky. beautiful clear night and will stay that way this morning down to 12 degrees. that is our official low
5:47 pm
temperature. that makes it coldest since march 7th of 2015. that doesn't sound that long ago, march. it was very cold for march. we had two nights in march that dropped down to 11 degrees last year. hopefully this march is not quite as harsh as last march was. twenty-eight in allentown. thirty-one in philadelphia. twenty-two mount pocono. we are at 27 degrees in atlantic city. you can see extent of the chill all the way down in northern florida where the the blue goes, that is some 40's. forty-two in at the plant a40 little rock. forty-five in birmingham. wake up to cold air on your wednesday. here are morning lows, philadelphia around 7:00 a.m., 15 degrees. fifteen in reading. fourteen in allentown tomorrow morning. mild inner wildwood, morning low there 24 degrees. we will hit those lows right before today break. right about 7:00 a a.m. when we will be seeing these numbers, that says you have a long dark night where temperatures like to drop. but, it is not as harsh, tomorrow afternoon high pressure overhead, that air mass warming within itself we will get around 40 degrees
5:48 pm
where we should be early january. mid 40's on thursday, mostly sunny, we will watch this approaching system on friday, friday, clouds increasing through the the afternoon, rain possible at night and then shower into saturday morning. overnight clear skies, very cold again, 5 degrees is your daytime high, tomorrow mostly sunny, seasonal right around 40, for your wednesday, so you can see warm up heading in the weekend, jet stream rises again and we have got nice warm weather for weekend but more arctic invasions on tap next week, january 12th and as we head in the 13th and 14th that is when we will start to see more cold air over the the northeast. you're witness weather seven day forecast again nice warm up here 40 for tomorrow. we will head in the mid 40's on thursday, near 50 on friday, watch for shower friday night into saturday morning and then on sunday, we have got period of rain, and clear that out and temperatures, drop again monday and tuesday. now a as we know much of the country has been experiencing some pretty crazy weather mainly thanks to el nino and
5:49 pm
we have just learned our current el nino is officially one for record books, tying as the strongest ever recorded. meteorologist justin drabick is here to show us why our region has been spared worst of the weather so far. >> reporter: our winter has been quiet so far but in other parts of the country it has been a different story. el nino toys blame. deadly tornadoes, blizzards, historic flooding, recent weather extreme courtesy of one of the strongest el nino's on record, warm moist air fools a huge storm system that expound tornadoes in texas, dozens of people died. also in texas a blizzard dumped a foot of snow in the amarillo area. in towns up and down mississippi river they are cleaning up for catastrophic flooding. now callus bracing for a series of storms, rare rain storms are already underway in l.a. >> it can happen anytime, anywhere. it just depend how much. either way ill within prepared. >> reporter: el nino is warming of the pacific ocean
5:50 pm
near equator and disrupt weather patterns around the globe. this el nino is doing exactly that. while much of the country is slammed by severe weather, the the delaware valley is quiet. why have we been spared? blame it on the jet stream pattern persistent jet stream set up over east in september keeping storm track over central and western u.s. this also caused our recent record warmth because cold air was locked up in canada but now that pattern has flipped allowing colder air particular air to move south. that flip in the jet stream ended our streak of the 42 days of above average temperatures. as for el nino it is expect to stay strong through winter and weaken late in the spring, early summer. on the sky deck i'm meteorologist justin drabick for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> interesting stuff there. >> we have talked earlier in the winter forecast, it is panning out exactly as we thought. warm december. now we have shots of cold. they are in the licensing lasting shots but if we get a storm to hit at same time one on of these shots the that is where we can get big storm
5:51 pm
systems. >> you and the team, kate, thanks very much. many know that data over ages. >> those long johns i'm starting to sweat. they can lead to big phone bills. when one family got a bill for over $2,000 they are shock. >> you are thinking about a $2,000 cell phone bill. consumer reporter jim donovan explains its can easily happen to many people. >> what is going on with you two. all because of the feature on apple iphone that many people are in the aware of. like many teens ashton finegoal didn't think much about the text message from at&t warning he was near his data limit. says he has seen it before. >> just 65 percent have your data has been used. >> reporter: and then this bill came. >> my dad was going to kill me. >> usually it is about $250 a month and it was over $2,000. >> reporter: difference, a new feature on ashton's iphone called wifi assist. standard with the ios9
5:52 pm
operating system. >> i had no idea what that was. >> reporter: it is intended to make sure you have a a good signal by automatically switching to cell data when wifi signal is weak like in ashton's bedroom where he thought he was still connected to wifi while streaming and surfing but instead his phone has been eating update a more than 144,000mgs. to turn off wifi assist, go to it ising, then cellular and then down at the bottom that is where you switch off wifi a sums many people aren't aware of the wifi assist because fur phone came with the ios operating system or upgraded to it the the feature is switched on. lawsuit was filed recently claiming that apple failed to properly warn users that the wifi assist features would use data from the cell plan. definitely something to be aware of. >> yes. i never have these problems with my roth theory phone. >> back in the day. >> okay. >> call you on that roth
5:53 pm
theory phone. >> that is it. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" guns and roses to reunite for the first time in 20 years. and award season is here we will give you inside look for preparations for peoples choice a award on cbs-3. we will be right back. that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously? at giant, prices are down. savings are up. my giant. ♪ at giant, prices are down. savings are up. i had an injury to my neck.
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it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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is so wholesome... and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant. get ready a big reunion is in the works for once feuding
5:57 pm
band. >> it is happening at the festival this spring. >> ♪ >> there you go, after much speculation guns and roses is getting back together. guitar player slash quit back in 96, lead singer axle rose kept record aring and touring but mystery is solved. slash, rose, all commented on social media. here's rose's tweet with emoji, so many, way to go. it is confirmed, guns and roses is head lining the festival in 2016. see everybody there. there you are. >> there you go. >> yes. >> here we go. >> the peoples choice awards will be handed out tomorrow night in los angeles right here on cbs-3. >> entertain entertainment tonight has the preview. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, always a good show and we have last minute preps with host jane lynch. >> i just can't think of the scenario even if i fall on my
5:58 pm
face that would kill me. unless, of course, i die which could happen and that is life too. >> let's hope not. jane will host from this massive microsoft theater stage, in the audience cade hut son and dakota johnson sit a row in front of the julie chen ape rows from the talk. ellen gets a seat up front, down row from brittany. >> basically a love fest between stars, and the fans. >> reporter: jane has a new comedy premiering thursday on cbs, angel from hell. >> i play a guardian angel and i reveal myself to her as being such. she has a hard time believing it but things get better when i'm around. >> you keep showing up every where and it is freaking me out. >> absolutely, it is weird. >> reporter: we have so much more on tonight's e t. ukee and jessica, back to you. thanks, you can watch peoples choice award tomorrow night at 9:00 right here on cbs-3. for all of the days events in hollywood tune into entertainment tonight every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. that will do it the for "eyewitness news" at 5:00.
5:59 pm
>> now at 6:00 feeling the chill a bitter day across the region but how long will this blast hang around? kate? >> reporter: ukee and jessica temperatures today more than 10 degrees below average and we are heading for the teens again tonight, and coming up i'll tell what you to expect tomorrow and a warm up in our future, how long does it take to get here, all that coming up at 6:00. the the president, moved to tears after an emotion a allah dress and executive action about gun control, our greg argos has reaction from our area to president obama's speech. a facebook user slams philadelphia eagles and another institution in just one post, i'm rahel solomon coming up the group that is fighting back and what does ballet have have to do witt. you might want to get closer. you need any kind of warmth you can find, if you are out and about.
6:00 pm
the coldest air of the season is upon us, however, there is good news ahead. that wind chill that made the wind so ice cold is getting out of here. hi everybody good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. a code blue is back in effect for camden county and that means it can be dangerously cold. we will get our first look at the forecast with meteorologist kate bilo live on the sky deck, kate. >> dangerous cold indeed ukee and guess contact when you talk about temperatures in the teens that can be dangerous for those who may not have a place to get warm through the overnight hours. got news is the wind not as biting as it was at this time last night and that means those nasty wind chills we felt feeling like sub zero for a time last night in philadelphia a that is not something we will have to contend with tonight. this is just straight winter cold. lets look at storm scan three. clear skies across the region, beautiful star lit sky outside tonight, no problems, on that front. we are not tracking rain, snow as of right the now. big story, of course, temperatures and they are dropping s


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